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September 9, 2014


Sometimes I think about the beauty of things abandoned.  A blanket of dust covers the naked floor and walls to keep it from dying indefinitely, from the cold, lonesome echoes of a hallway.  There is warmth in the soot of our shadows…knowing we can breathe once again in the light or slowly suffocate from deterioration, gathering layers until we see nothing, but the darkness.



Custom Painted Compass / Travel TOMS

A nautical compass and a world map are painted on the tops of these TOMS slip-ons. The sides of the shoes feature various quotes regarding travel, one of which reading “not all who wander are lost,” a famous quote by J.R.R. Tolkien. Handpainted and sold on Etsy.





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Gonzalo del Val

“Be with someone who meets you half way. Be with someone who brings you a glass a water when they get themselves one. Be with someone who makes sure you don’t endure bad moments by yourself. Be with someone your ex hates and your mother loves. Be with someone who alters you, not changes who you are. Spend your life with your better half, not your other half.”

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Two Worlds  by Songquan Deng
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Happy National Kiva Day! 🐶 #nationaldogday #kiva #puppy #playful #lake #toys #iloveher #gsp #germanshorthairedpointer #happy
The difference between one side of my house and the other around 8:10pm today #nofilter #completeopposites #naturalbeauty